How can I improve these ship models?

I’m making a ship game and I feel like the models I have made are really bad and cheap. What can I do to make them better? (Please bare in mind that I am going for a simplistic style and don’t want much detail)


If you want to improve as a builder, you should train your own eye to see the problems in your builds.

You already feel that they look cheap. Ask yourself why. What’s cheap about them? Look at a reference photo. What’s different about it that you want to emulate? Isolate certain aspects of the build. Is it simplistic, or just rushed and bad?

Simplistic doesn’t mean lack of effort, sometimes it can take even more work to achieve that effect. I don’t know the look you are going for, but the biggest things that stand out to me are:

  1. The sails are way too small relative to the ship. And they should look like thin triangular scraps of cloth, not thick Roblox wedges (unless you’re going for a distinctly old Robloxy look).
  2. I’ve never seen a ship with both rotating paddles and sails. And the paddles look very cheap.
  3. Ships don’t generally have flat bows. And hulls are usually curved on the bottom.
  4. The cannons have more detail than the entire rest of the ship combined. Tone it back or increase the detail of the rest of the ship to match.

Hope this helps.


Here are some sails I made in 3DS max, does it look better? I will add more to the ship itself later


Yeah that’s better for sure.


If you’re going for a more simple look, they don’t look that bad.

But I will say, you could definitely add some more detail to it. Currently, it’s a little too blocky and the red color is very bright, should be a bit more neutral/dimmed.

  • For the flag, find a cool decal with a semi-transparent background to throw over it for some effect with textures.

  • The side wheel-mechanic thingy-ma-doo (sorry not sure what to call this, gave it my own name haha) add some more “blades” to it - would just look better this way.

  • The pole for the flag seems quite basic, see if you can spice it up a bit, maybe add a little platform? Who knows, be creative! :slight_smile:

  • The cannons are actually quite nice, I just don’t like how the end is a different color. Good job on those.

  • The one boat with the extension off the front - like some type of pole - not entirely sure what this is for, but if it’s necessary, it looks really out of place. I’d suggest removing it and making the front of the boat come to a triangle-like tip, if you don’t need it, that is.

Overall not bad, just a few tweaks. The over-all layout looks really nice, and I like the wood sections (good color choice).

Best of luck to you.

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In response to the new sail:
Those look really nice, but I’d suggest making the sail white.

If it’s some sort of team-based game. make it white and add a decal with a cool logo/icon representing the “red team”

huh, I disagree. Colors are easier to identify, and exist in many team-based combat games. It’s a norm in game design.

I want to make it as clear as possible to players what team each ship is on.

I updated the front of the ship


Alright, fair enough.