How can I improve this build?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been practicing my building skills lately and this is my latest personal project. I’m trying to replicate this street. However, mine doesn’t look anything like it, I feel like it doesn’t has any depth to it. Plus, it’s looking very bland and the lighting just seems very wrong. I tried some realistic lighting settings but that doesn’t seem to work.


Studio Build:

All feedbacks and ideas to remake the build are really appreciated.
Thank you for reading!


Try doing it at night with the lights on. It’d be cool to see this build with future lighting.


Thanks for the suggestion, I would definitely try to doing it at night time!

Lighting is bit off, set the lighting to sunset timing, add some textures, give it some ‘realistic’ vibe. Other than that, it’s fantastic!


You could try changing the ambient colour to something darker, maybe brown

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Thank you so much so the suggestion! I have thought of adding other textures than the ones in Roblox Studio but I couldn’t find the appropriate ones, are there any good texture websites that you would recommend?

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Thanks! I would definitely do so. :smiley:

I don’t know any websites for textures, although you can try to find transparent textures such as dust or any other kind of effects from google and try to mess around it in Photoshop, to make effects like this:



Contrast, contrast, contrast. The walls and window frames kind of blend into each other, try using a colour that pops out a bit more so we can see the detail. Same thing with the supports holding up the roof.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I have added contrast to the lighting settings plus some other stuff too, here’s how the build looks like now, I’m still planning on changing more things.


Looking much better. Great work!

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Looks so much better. Maybe if you could slightly slant some of the bricks, It looks like that in the reference image.

made my own version lol

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