How can I improve this Combat System?

I’m working on a free roam fist/melee fighting game, and so far i figured out (probably not the most) optimal way to make fists.
I have a kicking animation which I’ll use later on.

This is how it looks at the very moment:

i really need feedback on this, it doesn’t really look satisfying or punchy, so what do I add to make it feel a bit less cheap?


Add a little camera shake to make it feel more “powerful”. Simple but effective

  • Sound
  • Bruises on limbs (could just be thin parts with a decal welded to the hit part)
  • Blood particles
Awnsering questions

Hm. Depends if @zhyperix’d make the game 13+

Yeah, good idea.

Pretty sure this one is obvious.

This should be easy with the amount of spring modules there are.
I also saw camera modules with screenshake.

Not bad, I would say to add some camera shake and make the impact look more powerful, maybe by adding better particles? I see your using a smoke like particle, not ideal because punches don’t make smoke but debris. Thus, add debris and just light blood if you are going for a 9+ game, if you are going for a 13+ game then bruises would look good. I would also recommend adding more moves like an uppercut or a kick. Also make the dummy go ragdoll each punch as a stun effect. Maybe not each but a stun effect would put the sheer force of that punch into true perspective.

And of course! Sound effects!

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Well, I said to use a spring module for camera shake.

It would already be 9+ with violence so yeah.

did it, feels a lot more punchy. thanks. still feels bare as hell im still open to suggestions

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Definitely missing animations. What I also do is use a semi-transparent frame and tween it to be completely transparent. Sort of like a small flash (I usually do it orange but you can do whatever color you prefer)

This combat system looks good! Nice job on it!

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I have added some damage feedback to the players, should feel less bare.

Honestly it looks very good already.

I feel like it would feel a lot more “punchy” if there’s more weight to the punch.

-The character lean more when throwing a punch
-After the punch, the fist lingers longer " to show weight behind the punch
-The player gets slower when throwing a punch

throwing a punch usually involves force which in-turns involves weight.

of course all of these are more “style” then actually system, but I feel like these are some ideas important to consider when making a fist base combat system.

good job on the current system looks cook :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


I’ve worked on quite a few polished combat systems- as a self plug you can see those on my twitter- but that’s aside the point, I’m going to give some insights as to what myself alongside many other anime-based games do for combat, as well as parry based combat systems.

First and foremost, the screenshake that was fore mentioned; get rid of it. Okay, maybe you don’t need to get rid of it, but I would definitely make it a toggleable option. Yes, it looks nice, it gets very nauseating very quick. There is a reason a lot of the popular games don’t have it, or if they do it’s very minor.

The combat right now seems very spammable, you need to add some sort of indicator on the opponent in which would register that they have been hit; and in turn they should also not be able to swing at you during this period. This is typically just a hit-stun, when an opponent gets hit, a hit animation plays, they can’t swing during this window.

In order to prevent people from running around and spamming punches, what we do is one of two things:

  • We either lock the player in a position and force them to step forward, the opposite for the opponent, so they get locked and move backwards. This first method can be used for combo based games, you would most likely utilize BodyVelocities (yes they are deprecated but they still are the optimal choice). This tends to create infinite stuns and combos though.

  • For more parry based combat, and this also works for combo based combat as well, we simply lower the players walkspeed, the attackers to a non-zero number, such as 4 or 5, and then the target to a zero state, ie; 0.

Depending on the style of game you’re going for, alongside the stun animation, you can also add a highlight effect, this has become popular lately and acts as an indicator, it can also double as looking somewhat like “blood” without actually being blood, especially if you use a darker red.

If you are going for a parry based combat, then obviously you will want to add blocking (I recommend this regardless of if it’s parrying) in which case you will want to design a parry window, and you will most likely want to make it so you swing, and then there is a small window in which the opponent can parry before your next swing comes in; this tends to be how most rogue-like games do it, allowing people to parry mid-combo’s to prevent true combos.