How can I improve this low poly castle?

How can I improve this low poly castle? I don’t want to add too many details to it. It’s for a capture the flag game. Thanks for every tip.


I feel like the colours (particularly the grass and blue banners/flag) are a little too bright to the point where they’d hurt to look at for a long time. Maybe make them less saturated and bright like pastel colours (like in my image but maybe a bit better), I’d also add some kind of border around the gate area and the lower outside walls, like how you have on the inside.

Maybe use more of the light grey colour that you use for your bricks to add more contrast too?
The flag shape could also be pointed instead of square, but I’m not sure if that matters too much. Some decorative windows on the outside might be good too. Hope this is helpful or at least gives you some ideas! : )


Thank you very much, I think I’ll add this border like in the inside around the door and around the other walls and make the bricks bigger and brighter. Also I’ll change a few colors.

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