How can I improve this modern website design?

I’m working on a website that provides tools to sellers. Just looking for some advice and improvements for the landing page.


Edit: You can check out the progress on the actual site so far (about is just a design)


Maybe for the example window in the top part, add an example store instead of a login screen? On website builders they use semi-random examples on pages like this.

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That preview at the top right is only temporary. I’m redoing the site, so that’ll change really soon.

Oh, okay. Good luck with your project! I can’t really think of anything else to add at the moment.

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Awesome design! Think of a dark theme, light theme burns your eye.


The dashboard will have dark theme, but there’s no point for the landing page cause you won’t even get access to that page once you are logged in

Still, I’ve seen it’s a paid access, if I need to choose something to sell products, before buying instantly, you need to “show” your product. And if you don’t have a dark-theme option for the landing page, some customers will leave. Your choice tho.

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I highly doubt that someone is going to leave because we don’t provide a dark theme option on the landing page. People can test the product with the free trial. There will also be a free tier.

Hm, okay.Good point. Well, apart from a dark mode that could be good, good work.

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You can checkout the HTML version here: (I’m currently in the middle of converting it into HTML)!

Looks neat apart from that hamburger menu bar. I am sure it’s a work in progress. You mentioned that you used Bootstrap for the website. Why not try using flutter?

Your website will be compatible with both PC, mobile and web.