How can i improve this simulator map?

Hi there! I’m really curious about any constructive criticism on this simulator map. It’s ready for sale soon, so would love to know how i can improve it the best i can. Thank you :slight_smile:

Game link: Simulator commission map - Roblox


Looks great, maybe try adding some better lighting? What simulator are you making.

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Yeah, i definitely have to add some lighting, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

This can be used for anything i guess… I just made a random simulatot map, and someone was interested in getting one like this, so might sell it to him.

3-5k robux is a resonable price

10K, 14K is reasonable, it’s a lot of work.

Consider to stay on topic - (asking for how much should should I price this X for? Is against forum rules).

As for providing feedback it looks great for a basic simulator map! The use of color and nature props fit the scenery very well try adding variation in most of the trees instead of duplicated them all over the map, (e.g, give them different sizes, and shapes to have a more defining look).

Overall, the scene looks simplistic and there isn’t quite much regarding the empty areas mainly in the corners are filled with similar props you could add a building. Most of the trees can be decreased as there not needed in my opinion give it more proper elements include other vegetation props. Otherwise it’s a good layout but there is still space for improvements.

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I’d say change the lighting, there’s way too much shadow for a simulator style build.

It looks great so far. Perhaps add some white spots to the red mushrooms.

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Too many reused assets. The general look of it is very nice (Besides the lighting, but that’s a simple fix) but things like the mountains look very jarring since they’re pretty much just copy paste of eachother. It’d look great with some variation though, good job.

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Hi there, and thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

So I’ve read the global rules when i first got on the devforum, but even though it’s in the global rule 7.1 that you can’t ask for pricing and such, i still see it everyday on several posts on here, so i wasn’t too sure whether anyone cared about the rules, or if it was simply just bad moderation. I removed the pricing from the reply though.

Once again, thank you for the feedback, i really appreciate it :smiley:

I’ll definitely try to change that up, thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile: