How can I improve this spawn area?

Hey, developers.

Just posting this for feedback. How can I improve this map? The image is just of the spawn area, and the terrain feels bare.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: this is like my 1st time using terrain lol.


Maybe you should make fountain or park

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I like this idea! The circled section is mostly just a spawn area, so i’ll try and come up with a way to fix it.

I think you should make the terrain surrounding the stairs sort of built into the stairs if you know what I mean. So basically the terrain around it creates a natural railing, hard to explain but yeah

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add some variety!! the terrain editor has a paint tool where you can add different types of textures to the floor. using the grow tool in some areas would also improve this!!

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I tried using the grow tool a bit, but don’t know what’s too much. Adding trees helped, but would you suggest a texture for this area? I tried grass, dirt, and cobble.

there is no such thing as too much!! do you have any idea what the theme of your map will be?? (desert, construction site, abandoned ruin etc)

Ruined forest, kinda like ZO. Like that grassy and abandon look.

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then add some grass and rocky areas man!! right now this looks like ancient egypt, not zo.


workspace.terrain, click to expand (properties). try to find nice colors :slight_smile:

You should add in some rocks and some trees and a dmall town. Maybe add a cafe or a hangout place

Great idea!

When you say “the terrain around it creates a natural railing” are you going for more of an ‘overgrown with nature’ type aesthetic?

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This more wraps around what type of place you want, a nice forest, a small town… the ideas are endless. I personally would go for a small town with trees surrounding it, don’t forget the small details as well.

yeah thats what I meant lol, couldnt really explain it

Definitely adding some basic terrain like Trees, Rocks, Boulders, Grass, etc will make it feel less bare!

Isn’t much do you mind including information on what your game is going to be about? If it’s just a small project your working.

You could add just about anything something small and nothing that will clutter the surrounding areas. I would suggest adding some vegetation in the corners, shops, leaderboard, fountain, ect. Overall while there isnt much needed in spawn areas you could just include small objects just to make it not look bland in order to fit the design/ style your going for.