How can I improve this walking animation for a boss?

Hello there!

I’ve created a walking animation for a boss called “Bricklord”. Anyway, I’ve animated entirely using Linear and Linear only. How can I improve it?

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Right now Bricklord’s walk is more of a delicate sashay than a menacing boss saunter. Try slowing down the movement overall by at least 50% and add more dramatic swings from side to side to feel like Bricklord is stomping instead of tiptoeing. I like the subtle head bob but I think what this animation needs the most is exaggeration.

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The head bopping wasn’t actually intentional but thanks!

Anyway, how can I slow down the animation around 50%?

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You can try to make it choppier and give it less keyframes.

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When you mean choppier, do you mean by using that technique used in movies like Puss in Boots: The Last Wish or Into the Spiderverse?

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I mean make the animation more exaggerated and heavy. Like how some games on Roblox you might see have like an old roblox studio vibe and characters that animate with a low amount of keyframes.

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You make the legs and arms flow really well for only using linear, but heres what I see that you could change to make this look even better:

  • Add bounce to the walk cycle. Naturally your torso isn’t going to be the exact same height when you walk, so bouncing the torso up and down is going to make it flow better.

  • Tilt the torso forward. I noticed that the character is actually leaning back while walking. If thats how you intend on making it look, ignore this part. Tilting the torso forward is also just how you’ll walk naturally. Also, I see that you do twist the torso, which is good, but adding a more exaggerated twist will greatly suit the walk cycle.

  • Make the walk slower. Now this is something you can change ingame, but you’re probably not going to walk this fast when applying it into your game. You could duplicate the animation and just move keyframes around on your copy, and see how it would look slower.

Thats all I really see needing changes! Keep up your good work and continue creating awesome animations!

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make his steps feel heavier and more menacing, also cool boss design :grinning:

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Hmm, how can I do that exactly using Linear?

i think his upper body doesnt move very much so you could adjust that to be more exaggerated

Make the torso move up and down.

Already did that.

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you could try making him shake, the fact that his legs and arms are moving while his torso is completely still is really unrealistic and strange, so i suggest making him shake while walking and rotating the torso up and down.

I’ve added some torso movement and tried making it more exaggerated but eh I think I made it worse?