How can I improve?

I don’t have time to change the rig or the poses, but how can I improve otherwise (text, background, effects, etc)?
Keep in mind I want players to click on the thumbnail, so I want it to be attractive.

What’s this for? Context is crucial when giving feedback.

Make a GFX of your avatar landing a super VFX hit on a emo or slender, people would click. :expressionless: :expressionless:


Is the text a question or statement?
Is it “You guys dared me?” Or
“You guys dared Me”

If its the second one, I wouldn’t highlight the “dared” in red…but the “me” instead.

If its the first and its a question then add question mark.

I agree with the comment on the context i have no idea what the text is trying to say.

Okay, so basically I did the “dared” as red because it’s an adjective, so it seems like a harsh thing. The video is basically where people dared this guy to do stuff in Roblox, and so this is the video where he does the stuff. I’m making this for a friend.

Furthermore, it’s not a question, it’s a statement, and highlighting the “Me” wouldn’t make sense and people would question why it was highlighted.

I only asked about the Me being the focus cuz the font size was largest.

The dared is a verb not adjective… thats why i asked if it was a question being asked.

Now that i know the context i would suggest you decrease size of Me to match other words.

i think it looks like a yt video thumbnail