How can I insert and use a CoreScript?

Hello! I am a very good scripter, but I want to take my scripting skills to the next level!

What I want to do is to insert a modifiable CoreScript in my game.

How can I do this?

Please let me know.

Thanks, WE

CoreScripts are for internal use only. You don’t use them. See documentation.

But I want to use them though. I won’t do it for bad. I want to do it for good!

It also says

They can use API that is under the RobloxScriptSecurity security level.

I’m saying you don’t use them because developers are incapable of actually deploying them, not for any other reason. You’re not capable of raising security context levels in production or inserting the scripts and having them run. They’re only for internal use.

So does that mean that I can make the macOS Touchbar work with Roblox if I can use it?

CoreScript are only used by Roblox themselves. We (the normal developers) cannot use them.

No. CoreScripts operate on an experience-level, meaning they only interact with services that are locked to Roblox security context levels. Touchbar access would be something that the backend facilitates which you also cannot access and it runs on a different language as well.

You can’t use them because you actually can’t use them. There’s no hypothetical “what if I could”. Developers are incapable of using CoreScripts nor API locked to those security context levels.


There’s exactly no way of saying ‘if’ because it’s totally unusable, except Roblox themselves.

There has to be someway to use them:

They are legit in CoreGui.

CoreGui is an internal service. CoreScripts in CoreGui are injected by the engine and executed at runtime. You can only view them but you can’t use them as a developer. Their presence there doesn’t implicate the ability to use them as a developer. It’s not even visible to you outside of Studio and without the relevant option checked.

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You could check this post but be VERY careful. You can only use this in studio, not in live games or you might get banned.

Haha what a fun thread. That method never really worked outside of studio.

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It only should be used in studio for test purposes.

Edit: This might not work.

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I’ve tried editing the core gui before, but it auto deletes any changes. The only ways I know you can inject or edit anything in there is to either create a plugin, disable chat, backpack, etc., or (the worst) exploiting.


What should I do first?

You could test it in a live game but be sure that it’s private. You shouldn’t set it to Friends Only or anything. Just make sure it’s Private.

CoreScripts are precompiled on the client so this method doesn’t work in live games. I’m not particularly sure what the point of that tutorial is myself; CoreScripts can’t be modified, created or used by developers. They wouldn’t be present in a live session, check the replies.

The client is capable of raising its own security context level without a CoreScript and that’s how an exploit works to begin with, but writing your own CoreScripts would present enough of an issue. OP is strangely excited to do nothing, essentially.

I’ll stop reiterating though. Seems apparent that OP doesn’t want to listen here.


I did already mentioned it’s for testing purposes in studio only. (Not anything exciting)


I got the power
of CoreScripts

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