How can I limit the height

So, I’m attempting to make a car chassis using roblox bodymovers. I haven’t used them much in the past, so I’m pretty new to them. I have body forces for each wheel, but I don’t know how to limit how high it can go. I don’t know what to do next, I don’t have much knowledge in this area. I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me.

You can create a CylindricalConstraint between the edge of the wheel and the edge of the chassis. Change LimitsEnabled to true for the constraint’s slider, then change UpperAngle to a number you want.

You might need to mess with the attachment angles and the constraint’s InclinationAngle in order to allow the wheel to rotate properly while limiting vertical height (see screenshot below, notice the orange/yellow axis arrows).


@harule His idea sounds great!

If you want to get even more advanced with your vehicles, you can consider using a turning circle for the wheels:

There is a great paper that you can download online that goes very in-depth about turning radii. Also the calculations that are needed are provided.


I’m not sure about body movers particularly, however, I do have some experience with vehicle systems relying on Roblox’s physics constraints.

You can use one of my vehicle systems here to learn from if you like. If you want an example vehicle system, I posted one of my old versions on this post you can use.

Oof, apparently I don’t have access to the link you provided.

oh, whoops. Here you go:
VehicleSystemV1 and V2.rbxm (19.9 KB)

Thank you I’ll have a look at it!