How can I make a 2nd animation play after the 1st animation

Hello everyone! I couldn’t find this question anywhere neither on the dev forums or on the internet in general. But I’m making a Tower Defense game and I wanna make a 2nd animation play after the 1st, an example would be a tower shooting an energy beam and the beam hitting the enemy, creating an explosion I guess. I don’t want a step-by-step guide I just wanna know if there’s a specific coding structure I should research exclusively. I can get an animation to play when my tower attacks an enemy and that’s great, but I wanna create some effects for when they hit the enemy, but just animating that wouldn’t always mean the effect (i.e. the energy beam) would always hit the enemy, only wherever I animated it to hit.


If you use AnimationEditor roblox plugin, you can use AnimationTrack.Stopped(), to detect if animation finished, and after it start next animation.
If you use thing like Enemy hitting, you can receive signal, when enemy is hitted, and after it make something.

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I’m still a little confused, how can I play the second animation over the targeted enemy? I couldn’t really find where I could set the animation to play on the animationtrack page, just that I could play the second animation after the first.