How Can I Make A Beam Spiral?

I made a grapple gun with a beam that acts as the grapple rope and I made a twist a turn effect on the beam by tweening the curves but I just think that having a spiral would just ultimately look better. An example of what I’m trying to achieve can seen in Batman: Arkham Knight. When Batman's Grappling Hook Goes Wrong

Help would be extremely appreciated!

I’ve seen many AOT grapple gears use a method where they use a custom texture that is curved, similar to this:

can’t find the roblox page for this so here’s the asset id:

(Use the link, don’t download the image below because it’s not transparent and it’s not correctly scaled.)

Just set the beam’s texture to this after it fires, and after a few seconds, just change it to a straight line.

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I’ll definitely give this a try!

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