How can I make a car "from scratch"?


I used to make cars the old way (hinge surfaces, etc.), I want to keep up to date with Roblox Studio and make a car the modern way. (Also, the old way isn’t feasible nowadays).

I’ve found the official article: Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
but it requires a preset called “CarKit”. I want to make something from scratch.

Is there any tutorial where I can make cars from scratch in the new way?

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I recommend following this tutorial:

Although, personally, I’d use blender for the design and use Roblox Studio for the scripts and VehicleSeat.

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Thanks for your help, but it’s the old way and it no longer works (pieces fall apart), I was looking for the new approach (use of constraints) without the CarKit.

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It still works for me? I’ve used this for minors but yet again, I suggest blender.

Hey, Codigos, I recommend you learn how to use blender so you can make mesh parts for the car. Many cars in modern day roblox are meshes, and if you make seperate mesh parts, like the car frame, seats, windows, wheels, tires, etc, you could make it fully functioning and highly detailed, or low poly if that’s your thing. Although blender can be somewhat tedious to learn, everything requires some sort of work to go through to become experienced. Here’s a download link to blender:


Sounds to me like you just want a basic intro to constraint cars, no crazy Blender stuff. And the toolbox will do!
Try taking apart this chassis by clonetrooper1019, a Roblox Intern:

has a 4-star rating!

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Roblox’s YouTube channel has 2 videos based on making cars with constraints and scripting, similar to the article you linked but more open-ended

video 1
video 2

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