How can I make a carnival/circus tent roof?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew a simple way I can make a carnival tent’s roof. Its the traditional striped look, below is a picture of the look im going for, and what I currently have in-game.

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Your best bet is to use blender. With blender you’ll be able to create loop cuts and size down the middle to have that curved tent effect. if you’re using studio I’d use a plugin like archemedes and use gap fill to fill in the gaps it leaves.


You can mabye take/make a cloth simulation off the toolbox and put a big central pillar in the middle to support the cloth. Run the cloth simulation then, you can anchor the cloth and copy it into the studio editor. You can even do the same thing in blender for a more clean and realistic simulation

Use 4 Corner Wedges, idk what to use for texture

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