How can I make a conveyor belt like the ones in Factorio?

Yo. Right now I’m trying to make a conveyor belt that doesn’t use the Velocity Property. The type of belt I’m making is similar to the ones in Factorio. If you’ve ever played Factorio before, you know how they work but for those who don’t; In the game, each belt you place has two tracks. One left and one right track. Depending on how you set up the beltline, you can make materials switch from one track to another.

In this example, the materials coming from the belt on the bottom go only to the right track of the belt coming from the left.
In this example, the materials are not switching tracks because there is a curve in the beltline.

Now, I’m not necessarily here to ask for scripting help, but more for advice. I don’t know how one would go about making this. I don’t know how the original developers did it, but they made it super optimized because in the game you’re meant to have thousands of these belts placed. I want to know how you guys would make it, and from there I think I can do all the scripting on my own. Thanks!

Also I don’t know if this falls out of the rules of this category, sorry if it does.

That looks like instead of simply having the parts’ locations determined by physics, they are being CFramed according to the belt that they are on and the direction in which that belt is going.

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I never really thought of it that way. I was over thinking things in my head the entire time.