How can I make a crawling animaton?

So this sounds really simple right? Well yeah in theory.
So I opened the animator and tried to move the torso down to the floor, but uh . . . yeah you can actually really move the position of the torso in an animation.
If you use the animator a lot you know that the grid that appears when using the animator is the ground level, and as we can see:

No matter how much I move it yup you just cant move the torso.
So uh how can I do this so the rig will actually go to the floor? Would this require scripting? If so please tell me


the white lines on the bottom are the ground, so move the character to the point the legs are touching the ground, idk what you mean by not being able to move torso

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There may be one of your keyframes that narrows among other keyframes, this is one of the Bugs of the animation roblox


Well I want to make a crawling animation, so it looks like this, except as we can tell the rig is floating, there is no way for me to move it to the ground

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So uh how can I fix this? I dont know what that means tbh I dont use the animator much

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did you even try moving the torso downwards

yup, the grid moves with it, and after yes testing it, it is still floating

I think that when the animation plays your character will fall to the ground, not 100% sure but try it.

Humanoid has a property called HipHeight that shows how high should humanoidrootpart should be from ground. You can lower this when crawling i guess.


All ready did, it doesnt. Thanks though

For R15 animations you can just move the upper and lower torso wherever you want. Apparently for R6 animations it doesn’t work that way. I would just create the crawling animation you want then (if it doesn’t just work normally) set the humanoid hip height to a lower value while the crawl animation is playing.


local humanoid -- the player's humanoid
local crawlTrack = -- Load your crawl animation
humanoid.HipHeight = 0

-- ...

humanoid.HipHeight = 2

Either way, you’d need to change the humanoid hip height so that the humanoid root part doesn’t collide with things while crawling (it’s the invisible part with collisions that the character is centered on), so it’s probably not too bad you’d need to do this anyways.

That’s not supposed to happen.

Dunno how or why this happens but it happened to me multiple times when rigging some models.

What I’m saying is your rig may not have been rigged correctly.

I figured it out! For some dumb reason roblox makes it so when you make r6 models by default have the head as the primary part for the model, which makes it this way. If you reset it to the humanoidRootPart it works just fine! Roblox is weird sometimes lol

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