How can I make a curved square in photopea

Hello, so I’m using photopea. I’m wondering how I can make a square that has curved corners. I know I can use UiCorners but I really would like to know how I can in photopea. Any help is appreciated

Pen tool can make a curved circle and will be handy once you get the hang of it

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Well, i’m not good with pen tool. Is there any other way?

You should probably google this since it’s a photopea problem, not a Roblox one.

I’m sure there are plenty of videos/descriptions/tutorials out there for that software.

I know its a photopea problem. I’ve been google searching but cant find a single thing. That’s why I put it here

5 seconds of searching for rounded square on google:

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Thank you so much! I didn’t watch that video for some reason.