How Can I make a Custom inventory

I would like to make a custom inventory like this and don’t know where to start.


Thee are two components for this:

  1. A custom UI with proper handling of the items as well
  2. The script that immitates the same behavior as the backpack
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I’ve found this tutorial on YouTube. It’s a bit old (from 2018), but i think you can make some few adjustments. Hope this helps.

It also has a link to the free model in the description

Can substantiate that this tutorial worked out for me because I’ve used it before lol. Even though the GUI was already made you can still try learning the script for a custom GUI backpack and change it to your liking.


IS there a way to know if there’s a tool in a players slot

Since the components of the UI contains the backpack and the toolbar, the toolbar must have been translating a table to the UI in the toolbar. If the player moves in or out tools, the slot will be overwritten and becomes that.