How can I make a exploding rock?

I was working on this “exploding rock” where if a certain object touched it, I would want the whole thing to unweld then explode from the inside outwards, almost like you are setting off dynamite inside of it. Inside of the rock are bricks that deal damage for the game, and I want them to get pretty spread apart. Any help greatly appreciated!! rock|647x500

With Roblox introducing bones now all you have to do is animate the exploding rock and import the animation into Roblox from Blender. The inefficient way was importing a bunch of meshes and with transparency faking the motion.

It’s really powerful I’m planning to even have 1 mesh with each vertex having a bone and then exporting wind simulation animation.


Since skinned-meshes do not update their hitboxes when deformed, this might not work for the damaging part.

Roblox has implemented an impulse feature, which allows you to apply a temporary force to a part, allowing it to be launched in a direction. You could try using this to make the parts explode outwards. The Explosion instance would also work as it will apply an outward force to any parts in range, destroy welds, and kill players (break player welds). Players can be protected from explosions with the ForceField instance, and Explosion.Hit can be used to find the parts effected by the explosion, to maybe cause player damage.

can I have that pig model? I would really love to make it look funny haha.

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