How can I make a fading frame with 2 text boxes fade with it?

I have tried using a fading frame script, but however after the frame fades away the letters still appear. I have tried looking for something to put inside of the text boxes but they disappear late…

I have no clue on why this is doing it, I have tried putting the TextBox.Parent thing inside but those come up with a script error.

I have tried looking for solutions but haven’t found nothing, can anyone help me please?

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If you want that the letters disappear use TextTransparency.

Try using TextTransparency. So far you’re only making the background fade

I have used TextTransparency before but they disappear BEFORE the main frame fades away.

Are you using tweens?
Else You can make this:

for i = 0, 1, 0.1 do:
BackgroundTransparency = i
TextTransparency = i

If you would like to fade out frames, text, and text boxes together, the best practice would be to tween them. Here’s some starter code I made.

local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")

local animInfo =
1, --length of tween
Enum.EasingStyle.Linear --type of tween

local textbox = --write your path to your textbox
local frame = --write your path to your frame

local textFade = TweenService:Create(textbox, animInfo, {TextTransparency = 1}) --fading out text
local textboxFade = TweenService:Create(textbox, animInfo, {BackgroundTransparency = 1}) --fading out textbox's background
local frameFade = TweenService:Create(frame, animInfo, {BackgroundTransparency = 1}) --fading out frame


What is the frame fading script you followed?

I think your script should work but why do you have a colon after do? That should mess it up if I am correct. I’m not sure if it is a spelling error or what thought.

local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")

TweenIt = function(Object, Changes, Time, Reversing, EasingStyle)
	local Info =
		EasingStyle or Enum.EasingStyle.Linear, -- EasingStyle
		Enum.EasingDirection.Out, -- EasingDirection
		0, -- Times repeteated
		Reversing or false, -- Reversing
		0 -- Time Delay
	local Action = TweenService:Create(Object, Info, Changes)
	return Action

function AlterTransparency(Gui, Transparency)

	for i, v in pairs(Gui:GetDescendants()) do

		if v:IsA"ImageLabel" or v:IsA"ImageButton" then

			TweenModule.TweenIt(v, {ImageTransparency = Transparency}, .5):Play()

		elseif v:IsA"TextLabel" or v:IsA"TextButton" then

			TweenModule.TweenIt(v, {TextTransparency = Transparency, TextStrokeTransparency = Transparency}, .5):Play()





AlterTransparency(MyScreenGui, 1)

In Action:

I was working in something in which I made this so why not