How can I make a game like PLS DONATE?

Some of you might have came across a new game on Roblox called PLS DONATE :money_with_wings:. The game is growing in popularity surprisingly quick, and many YouTubers are making videos on the game. But unfortunately, there are no tutorials on how to make a game similar to it in Roblox Studio. That’s why I’m on the DevForum. I’m here to ask:

How can I make a game like PLS DONATE :money_with_wings:?

Here are some mechanics I want to aim for:

  • Detecting gamepasses and their prices from a user’s starting place
  • Claiming stands and writing text on them
  • Detecting amount of Robux donated & raised and displaying them on a leaderboard

Sorry if this post is long, I might split it into individual posts, but help would be appreciated.


Enable this then prompt a sale just as you would with your own asset. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you get 10% of the item’s sale revenue as well. To get its sale price, you might have to use MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo

That’s not very difficult, you’d just have a stand model with a SurfaceGui and a ProximityPrompt. When a player claims it, you can set an Attribute with their username on it which then accordingly updates the SurfaceGui and disables the ProximityPrompt.

If it saves between sessions, you’d use a DataStore, otherwise, it’s basically the same process but without saving. When a sale is made, take the Robux value from the SurfaceGui as you had already done with MarketplaceService and increment an Attribute that has total sales, and a SurfaceGui. Then when the player leaves, or when a sale is made, save the data to a DataStore. When the player joins, retrieve the saved value from the DataStore and put it on a SurfaceGui and in an Attribute.


I also want to know how they can make player actually receive Robux after they got donated? Is this really a possible thing to do? That the game can be centric for receiving Robux and transferring it to another player without needing them to join the group?

I’ll be hanging my question here for an expert to answer, thanks in advance.

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Those prices on the stand are actually clothing that the player made.

Here’s the funny thing, i’ve originally told the owner of the original PLS DONATE to add this feature and he said that it was “impossible” which i’ve then showed him the same exact solution and left me on read.