How can I make a group payout using Noblox and JavaScript?

So basically I’m looking to make a group payout within Roblox Studio using the http method. I know the basics of JavaScript and I’m still learning it, but I’ve faced some issues. I fixed most of them, but the thing I’m currently struggling with is:

I followed the steps from this post in order to achieve the goal. However, when I try to get a “challengeId” in order to get a verification token for the 2fa verification requirement, nothing happens. Every time I make a request to{GROUPID}/payouts in order to get a new challenge id, its a different than the previous one, and when I input one of those in{USERID}/challenges/authenticator/verify, it says “Invalid challenge ID”. I don’t have problems so far with the authentification code, but I don’t know what else to try.


The challengeId from{GROUPID}/payouts is different each time, because when making a request to that endpoint, its a different request each time, so roblox makes a new challege for that request. You have to save that challengeId and use it later in the code.

Okay, I get it. However, my issue is that every time I use that challengeId and input it in the verify url http request, it returns the same error “Invalid challenge ID”. Maybe the verification code is wrong or something, but its always that error.

Btw, I forgot to mention that I’m not making all of this with code. As I mentioned before, I just know the basics of JavaScript, so I go directly to the groups documentation and test it out there. I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I point it our just in case.

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Group documentation doesnt have basically any of the required endpoints documented. You propably should code it in JavaScript