How can I make a Group Ranking Commands in-game?

Hello, I’m Abd! A beginner scripter and UI Designer, I searched many times about a way to make Ranking Command in-game but I don’t find anything.
Can someone please help me?


I recommend reading that(not the reply of the thing I just linked but the topic)


Not Rank Management, commands in-game! If I can make Ranking Commands in-game by this, then how?

Are you talking about Admin commands?

No, I’m talking about how to make Ranking Commands in-game like !promote and !demote

The thread he provided will show you what you can do to change player’s group ranks from a script. It’s not necessarily a rank management centre.

Yes then thats exactly how, the link i sent you. You just combine it with player.Chatted

Okay, Thank you for helping. :sparkling_heart:

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Use the scripts to create the commands…

Edit: Sorry im late lmao

Can you use the in-game !promote and !demote commands with Visual Studio Code?