How can I make a GUI visible for everyone in the server when I press a button

How can I make when I press the button the GUI will be shown to everyone in the server

By The way do not edit this part of the script

script.Parent.Parent.Visible = false

This is my code:

	script.Parent.Parent.Visible = false
	script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.EtkinlikGui.Yetenek.Visible = true
	script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.EtkinlikGui.Yetenek.Visible = false

RemoteEvents have a method called :FireAllClients(). When you press the button use :FireAllClients() to tell each client to show a gui.


How do I make my script do that idk how to do it

When the player presses the button call FireAllClients, and in a local script use the .OnClientEvent Event to show the gui