How can I make a humanoid walk 10 studs backwards?

I haven’t seen any posts, and this is rather just a question so how can I make this work? I mean like on command, it walks backwards 10 studs behind, so if it’s at 0,10,0 and it moves it goes to 0,0,0

First you should determine what direction the character is looking. That can be done by getting the lookVector of HumanoidRootPart. After that you use MoveTo() on the humanoid, and tells it to take the current position, and walk 10 studs backwards, that can be done by doing


Because Instead of Roblox implementing a “BackVector”, we just use LookVector, but negatively.

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It makes the Humanoid move forwards?

	local NewLocation = -script.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame.LookVector*10
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No, the minus indicates that instead of forward, it’s backwards.

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So do I remove the - next to script.Parent?

Oh, yea. Thought you wanted it to go backwards.

I do want it to go backwards which is why I’m asking do I remove it or not?

In short, don’t remove it. But please re-read the first reply I gave you. The bottom line.

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