How can i make a live donation board like pls donate?

So everysince since i saw the live donation board in pls donate i was super fascinated about it and wanted to create my own. Though i have no idea how thye managed to pull their one off???

My first solution was to use “MessagingService” to publish new donations. Though i tried that with a loop that would imitate donations. That reached the limit quickly.

My second solution was to use “MemoryStoreService”. I did the same thing. Made a loop that imitated donations. Though that ALSO reached the limits fairly quickly.

My third solution was to use datastores. Though i didnt even try that because that would reach the limits VERY quickly obviously with new donations coming in at a fast rate.

Since all my solutions failed i came to the dev forum to ask for some advice.How would i make a donation board that actually is LIVE and refreshes as quick as the one in pls donate??? did they use some sort of other database/service to achieve this?

Thanks for reading :happy4:


It depends how you send the data over and the rate you send the data over. Perhaps not make it instant and send information every so seconds.

It ultimately depends how you optimise it if possible could you send over how you attempted implementing it?


I think you can using MessagingService

When players PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished or PromptPurchaseFinished, then MessagingServiceService:PublishAsync to send to every server


That does work but at the same time not because it would hit the limits fairly quickly.


As you said, using MessageService has a chance to catch RateLimit, but I tried to read the information of MessageService already from MessagingService | Roblox Creator Documentation.

I don’t know if I understand correctly if there are players plus a large number of servers, which will cause a large amount of data to be transmitted as well. Therefore, the chances of being addicted to RateLimit will be less because a player should not send requests often because not everyone will donate.