How can I make a Live player count from a place connected to a game?

Hey everyone!
I’m wanting to know if you can make a live refreshing player count from a TextLabel.

what I mean is I have the main game which is a menu screen and I’m trying to get like a 0/10 players that refreshes every few seconds and will go up or down if someone leaves ( 1/10, 2/10 )

Above is the map selection and the middle UI is the map the player will go to (the others on the side are showing next and last)

on each map It would be cool to show the count in that place.

im assuming if have to take that places ID but im not sure how it would work.

(this is what im wanting to get)

(im also not the best at scripting but if anyone can help that would be cool!)


Yep, I have this for my game. I have a lobby in my game that has a server list of all the servers of current matches being played and the player count in each server(and other data). What I did was I used datastore service to keep track of the servers(and their ids) that are currently available, then once a lobby server starts it fetches this list of current servers and their ids and what happens after is I use messaging service to update the data(player’s in each server etc) live. This was all before memorystore service was released though, I think it’s a much better idea to use memory store service to keep track of the number of servers and their server ids rather than datastore service.

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i have no idea how i would do that for a gui especially since idek what im doing for this kinda think ;/

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