How can i make a menu that only appears in the start place/server of my game

So I want to make a game-menu onlypops up if you are in the startplace. And when you’ve been teleported, so another server the menu gui does not appear. so it only appears if its in a specific server of the game. fx if 1234567890 was the placeid of the startserver then it would only appear within that server, and not inside another server with the id fx 1324567890. How can i make this? i already made the gui but i just want it to only appear in 1 server.

Could I please have more information?

For now, put your UI in StarterGui on Start Place only.
Are the easiest with the current information you have given.

How do I only put it in the start place? its the same game, just a different server.

In Studio
Press View > Asset Manager
Now Asset Manager will appears.
Click on Places

Right click and there will be option for you to add new place.

Please let me know if you are confused.
This is the tutorial. (updated!) Roblox Studio: How to Create a Multi-Place Game 2021! - YouTube [ I am not the owner of the video. ]

I already created mutliple servers i just need to know how to make the gui visible in one server and not the others

Put your UI in Start Place only which is PlaceId 1234567890
And the GUI will not appears in PlaceId 1324567890 except you’ve put your ui there too.

It is not possible for the UI to appears in other places too if you haven’t edited/already put them there.

If this didn’t help you. Please provide more detailed information / screenshot if possible.