How can I make a motor 6d go to the back of a player?

Hello, so im trying to make a tool go behind a player when the unequip it. The problem is, it’ll go to the torsos pos. I want it to go behind it. After doing some looking, i found out you do C0 to set position. But when I do CFrame.LookVector it’ll error.
How it looks:

This is my script:

	local Backweld ="Motor6D", HandleClone)
		Backweld.Part0 = Player.Character:WaitForChild("Torso")
		Backweld.Part1 = HandleClone
		Backweld.C0 = Backweld.Part0.CFrame:Inverse() 
		Backweld.C1 = Backweld.Part1.CFrame:Inverse()
		HandleClone.Parent = Player.Character
		MeshClone.Parent = Player.Character

after doing more research, i found out how to fix it:

	Backweld.C0 = Backweld.Part0.CFrame:ToObjectSpace() -,0,-0.5).Position