How can I make a one time only purchase gamepass?

What do you want to achieve?
I want to find a way to make a gamepass purchasable by only one user
What solutions have you thought so far?
I thought about making it so that as soon as I see the gamepass has been bought I go and manually delete it but I don’t think it’s a good tactic.
Why do I want it?
Basically I’m making a mall where users can buy their shops and then they can design it with a building system with selling clothing mannequins settable by the user on place.

I will not be able to answer immediately because I’m at school.

If the mall doesn’t save when the server ends does it matter?
Just have them touch a brick to own the mall till they leave the game or the server closes. So they would only but it once, but each time they play they can claim a mall to use.

If it is saving, then since you won’t be able to (easily at least) have players malls save anyway, you will need to manually go in and add the things they want, in that case you might as well take it off sale.

It seems that in your game, you wouldn’t have a very large amount of shops, like you won’t have 100. So I think manually should be fine.

To answer your question, it is not easy at all to make the gamepass automatically go off sale after a purchase, however if you have multiple shops, then if they all cost the same, you could simply put it off sale once enough people have bought it.

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To me it seems rather useless to have a one time only purchase gamepass especially for a mall game, but I guess the easiest way to do it if you are dead set on making it like this, is to use developer products as oppose to gamepasses. You can make some sort of “datastore” set up to only sell the product if it has not been purchased before which is easier than having a gamepass and manually putting it off sale.

On the flip side, you could always script a bot to detect a purchase and immediately take the item off sale, however that would require an entirely different expertise than roblox lua so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Your brick idea is very nice, I will do that instead, i’m gonna make that touching it opens a shop saves gui where you can load your shop, thanks for the idea!