How can I make a part fall slowly?

Very simple, not air resistance or anything complicated, maybe just a way to make a part fall slower.


Add bodygyro and bodyvelocity to the part
bodygyro should like like this

and bodyvelcoity should look like this

Hope this helps!

Uh, sorry for my stupidity, but how do I add these? I can’t find them in the add object.

actually i saw a video and my body things arent there

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You can just go into View > Proprieties.

That’s because they’re deprecated. Anyway I don’t think that would really work for what you want.

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Oh, well then what should I do?

You can learn object oriented programming which is very useful
you can even make very cool stuff using object oriented programming
like making a part that follow you around

function givePart (player)
	if player then
		local Char = player.Character
		if Char then
			local humRootPart = Char.HumanoidRootPart
			local newPart = Part:Clone ()
			newPart.Parent = Char

			local bodyGyro ="BodyGyro", newPart)
			bodyGyro.MaxTorque =, math.huge, math.huge)
			local bodyPosition ="BodyPosition", newPart)
			bodyPosition.MaxForce =, math.huge, math.huge)


			while wait() do
				bodyPosition.Position = humRootPart.Position +, 2, 3)
				bodyGyro.CFrame = humRootPart.CFrame


You can make a part and add a script and you have a part that follows you around
like a pet :+1:

I’m not sure. I’m following this post because I want to know myself.

Helps to research a bit more before posting:

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I assume he’s new to the developer forum also my post was way simpler