How can I make a part float in the water?

I made a Naval Bomb, and I tried putting it inside of the water, but it would just float all of the way under the water and fall out of the world.

How do I fix this? I tried making the part massless, but that did nothing.

Try setting the Density of the object to 0.02.

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Tick the CustomPhysicalProperties box on the part and then change the “Density” property from there. Note that if you’re using a welded model instead you will need to do this for all the parts.
Setting the density to 1 will make the part neither rise nor sink. Setting the density from 1 to 0.01 will make the part rise with the speed increasing based on how low the density is. Setting the density to 0 will make the part glitch out so don’t do that.

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