How can I make a pixel effect like this?

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What are you talking about? Are you talking about in Lua, or for a thumbnail?

In lua.


I don’t have experience with that sort of thing, but maybe using a random set of ImageLabels and make a rectangle with them?

You could make the character mostly invisible and just emit square particles, and for most cases that could probably work.

The only other easy way to do this is by using a BillBoardGui and have its contents be a ton of not transparent squares.

This is a really complicated effect to do if you don’t plan to do the workarounds I mentioned. Could you possibly be more specific with your goals?

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I want an object or part to be pixelated while I can move the camera

As @1Reddrad1 said, BillBoardGui's are probably your best option.
I would recommend using an ImageLabel that has the blur effect, rather than a transparent frame.

I don’t know if it would be possible to 100% replicate this in Roblox because it does have its limitations and this is a very complex effect but as Red has mentioned creating something like an images with transparent squares might create a similar effect.