How can I make a proximity prompt door?

Hello, I am SergeantCel! In response to this announcement , I wanted to make a proximity prompt door. I found this tutorial, but it did not work, and was closed. How can I make this door? Thank you for the help!

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Hmm, did you follow all the steps? If not please do read it all. If you have done and read all of my post, please send me a video regarding the problem. Thanks!

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Yes, I followed all the steps, but it did not work and was closed by a moderator. I will try again thought.


Yeah I know, I just got the message .Do you have discord? I still have the post its just not public.I can send the post from there.

Discord: notpyxls#5135

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Wait… Did you achore the door?

You can have a part with a ProximityPrompt in it. Then, you’ll have a script listen for the Triggered event from the ProximityPrompt and you’ll connect it to a callback function. In the callback function, you’ll set the transparency of the part which is blocking the player from going through the door to 1 and the CanCollide property to false.