How can I make a PVP Lobby?

Greetings, I humbly ask, how can I make a pvp lobby that players can teleport to from the main game, for example let’s say maybe a player clicks on an npc in the main game and the npc initiates a teleport, but how do i make it so there’s a SPECIFIC lobby they get teleported to? Do i have to make a whole new place just for a pvp lobby for players to teleport to? (An example is how the Anime Battle Arena ranked lobby works and how there’s pvp lobby players to join)

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Heres a tutorial from #resources:community-tutorials

Thank you but how would I like teleport players when they click the npc to a pvp lobby (of maybe 20 max players) ? do i have to create a whole place or is there a feature within roblox teleportservice to teleport players to the same gameId / create a whole new server under that game?

You can make a clientside Remote fire when you need to teleport a party. If you were to create a place you would need to place it in the same game.

the method within teleport service you want to use is TeleportService | Roblox Creator Documentation

Thanks for the reply, here’s an example of what i’m maybe trying to accomplish a bit, you see how when clicked on “Ranked” it teleports them to maybe a “pvp lobby” ? How can i go about to teleport people to pvp lobby of the same GameId/ReservedServer or do i have to create like a whole new game-place instance under the universe?

Not sure what your asking if you want to access the same datastores you will need to place the places under the same Experience/Game. And to use Cross-Server Messaging | Roblox Creator Documentation it would need be under the same game/universe.

There is no other way.