How can I make a realistic tree in Blender?

I know that this has been asked lots of times before, and none of the other posts helped me so how can I make it, I keep following tutorials but the thing is that it is not helping me in any way. I tried the sampling generator but when I decimate it because of the number of polys it just looks horrible. I want to make trees like this.


Hello, I’m not big modeler but I’m pretty sure the leaf’s and “branches” are just an image. I don’t model trees I may be wrong.

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I know the branches are meshes with an texture on it I think.

99% sure your right. As far as i know the trunk and branches are created in blender or other offsite programs and that the leafs and all that are just images.

That’s exactly what I was thinking I did a few research and they are images on a website and its made for any types of games including the ROBLOX platform.


Those sometimes look wak in games. If this is a new game EVERYTHING will have to be realistic just so you know if you make the trees realistic.

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