How can I make a Robust Bloxburg like Placement System?

Hello, I want to make a Good Placement System like Bloxburg has, however I am not quite understanding how to make it just Robust and exceptionally well like Bloxburg has.

This, I would love if someone could send me any tutorials or guide me on how I could achieve this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suggest looking at zblox’s placement system. (How to use Zblox’s Placement Module)

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Not sure if there are tutorials out there showing how to make a replica of it, beacuse the bloxburg placement system is deffintely very unique and required a lot of creativity and work from the dev’s part.

Unless Bloxburg becomes open-sourced, I doubt there will be a direct tutorial to creating a similar one. The bloxburg placement system doesn’t really require much additional knowledge to what is required to make a basic placement system like this one, it’s just that with a lot of spices and tweaks made to make it have a lot of feature. One thing that might be complicated is how bloxburg creates windows, it just uses some :UnionAsync() magic which should be easy to understand.

I didn’t play bloxburg much myself, so I don’t know the features its placement system has, but what I recommend you do is, go to bloxburg, play around with the system for a while, and examine and note down in a list all of the features that it has, and work on each one of those features individually, and if you’re lost and couldn’t make one of those features, ask the community.