How can I make a script auto assign roles to somebody

I have a script in my roblox game that basically picks a RANDOM player from the game to try and assign roles to a player.

Here are the assignable roles.

local InLobby = {}
local hiders = {}
local seeker = ""

And I want it to pick a random person in the roblox game to become either a seeker or a hider. I tried math.random.

Also just a note. I only want ONE seeker and the rest of the players will be hiders.

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Try making a table of all the players and choose a random player as follows

Idk how your sistem works, but implementing this base will be enough.
Optionally you can use math.randomseed(os.time())

-- I suppose the players will be in the lobby by default
for index, player in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
	table.insert(InLobby, player.Name)

-- Choosing random seeker
seeker = InLobby[math.random(1, #InLobby)]

-- The rest are hiders
for index, name in pairs(InLobby) do
	if name ~= seeker then -- seeker can't be hider
		table.insert(hiders, name)

-- Players no longer in lobby
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You could make use of Team’s and use that to organise what player is what. :slight_smile:

-- Get our services here.
local Teams = game:GetService("Teams")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

-- Find/locate the teams, if they don't exist, make them.
local lobbyTeam: Team = Teams:FindFirstChild("Lobby", 2)
if not lobbyTeam then
	lobbyTeam ="Team")
	lobbyTeam.Name = "Lobby"
	lobbyTeam.TeamColor = Color3.fromRGB(160,160,160)
	lobbyTeam.AutoAssignable = true
	lobbyTeam.Parent = Teams

local hidersTeam: Team = Teams:FindFirstChild("Hiders")
if not hidersTeam then
	hidersTeam ="Team")
	hidersTeam.Name = "Hiders"
	hidersTeam.TeamColor = Color3.fromRGB(85, 189, 149)
	lobbyTeam.AutoAssignable = false
	lobbyTeam.Parent = Teams

local seekersTeam: Team = Teams:FindFirstChild("Seekers")
if not seekersTeam then
	seekersTeam ="Team")
	seekersTeam.Name = "Seekers"
	seekersTeam.TeamColor = Color3.fromRGB(200, 106, 107)
	seekersTeam.AutoAssignable = false
	seekersTeam.Parent = Teams
-- This is the method you'd call when a game is about to start.
function SetupHideAndSeek()
	local lobbyPlayerList = lobbyTeam:GetPlayers()
	-- Generate a random number to index lobbyPlayerList with.
	local seekerChosenNum: number =, #lobbyPlayerList)
	-- Set the chosen player's team to the seekers, removing them from the list of players in the lobby as well.
	local chosenPlayer: Player = table.remove(lobbyPlayerList, seekerChosenNum)
	chosenPlayer.Team = seekersTeam
	-- Iterate through the remaining players and set their team to be hiders.
	for _, player: Player in ipairs(lobbyPlayerList) do
		player.Team = hidersTeam

-- This is the method you'd call once the game has ended.
function HideAndSeekGameFinished()
	-- Set all players to be within the lobby team, since that's the default anyway regardless.
	for _, player: Player in ipairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do
		player.Team = lobbyTeam

-- This is the method you'd call when someone becomes a seeker.
function SetPlayerAsSeeker(player: Player)
	player.Team = seekersTeam

You could also use tables and what-not to organise the seekers from the hiders etc, but Teams makes it easier.

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