How can I make a single, clear image of an extremely large map?

So essentially, I have this massive map for an upcoming project I’ve been working on that is extremely well detailed, and our team would like to take a birds eye view of the entire map as shown below:

However, from the height I had to move my camera to in studio to take the picture, many of the details in the map, including major aspects like lakes and rivers, builds, etc, are completely obscured, making it both inaccurate and not as visually pleasing.

I was wondering if anyone can think of a way to get an extremely clear entire image of the map? I had an original idea that involved executing commands to get my camera to specific closer spots in the map, perhaps dividing it into fourths, and then meshing all of the images together to create one big image. I haven’t tried this out yet and frankly am not entirely sure how to do it.

The entirety of the map is about 16k by 16k studs, it is made of smooth terrain and filled with large builds, roads, props like trees and rocks, etc.

If anyone could provide a suggestion for this here, or message me on discord at DreadNautical#7764
that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Wait, are you trying to make a mini-map or a different camera view?

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A mini map would also be nice, but I’m looking for more of just a large reference image like this, but with clearer detail if that makes sense.

yes, it does, I’m not the best with GUI

but I think your trying to achieve something like this?


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Essentially yes, but we’d like every detail of the map to be incorporated in the picture, so extremely as detailed as possible

well maybe, you should add marks like in the picture above,

or if you want every sq.inch of it to be seen then I’d recommend adding a zoom in/out feature to the map? I mean I never seen this be attempted, I think this would lag the game very much, but I think it would be new and really cool.

Most mini-maps seem to be not actual screenshots, but art resembling the map. I’ve never tried making a mini-map, but I think your best bet would be to draw your map out incredibly big so you can add your small details. Someone might have a better solution however.


You could try this for a good camera angle:

  1. Get the center position of the entire map. Basically, look for the center and get a Vector3 for it. You can try placing a part where its center is at that map’s center then copy the Position coordinates.
  2. Try running a script that places the camera upward yet facing downward at the map until its to your liking, example script below:
-- edit these two variables below:
local centralVector3 =, 0, 0)
local offset = 10 -- studs

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

assert(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio(), "Run this code in Studio/Command Bar.")

camera.CFrame = centralVector3 +, offset, 0), centralVector3 ) -- uses the LookAt constructor;, lookAt)

This might be really helpful for you:


Judging by some of these comments, it seems unclear to people what exactly I’m asking for. I’m looking for not a mini map, but just a very clear image of the map from above without details getting smudged off. A mini map however would also be nice for development, but i understand those are more commonly drawn. Thanks for your input

The way ive worked around this is adjusting your edit quality in settings.
By setting it to the max you also increase render distance which you can see below. The first is at a level 4 while the bottom is level 21. Depending on your machine, It might lag you but if its only for a picture it shouldnt be too bad.


Thanks a lot, this seems very helpful. I will give it a try

im sorry to bump a old thread but i had to say this, there is a minimap made by frederikhome that is the best minimap ive ever seem, there is a marker system and you can choose if it snap to the border or not, i wont explain every detail but if someone is still looking for a minimap:

What you can do is find a general height above the map that shows all the details, and then lock your camera and take screenshots. You’d need to break down the map with imaginary grid lines but then you could place them all together in MS Paint and create a fluid and detail extensive map.

This will definitely take some time, but if you can’t do other solutions as replied above my post, it’ll work. Don’t worry about lining it up 100%, as since your map is so large, when you resize it, the mistakes will blend together.