How can I make a smooth transition into shiftlock?

There have been multiple topics about this before but I haven’t found a single one that’s been solved. So, I’d like to change that.

In my game, I would like a smooth transition into shiftlock. An example is in this game: Combat Warriors - Roblox when you join press Ctrl to enter shiftlock. It has a smooth transition.
So, how can I recreate this?


I guess they made a custom shiftlock or edited core scripts. Im not sure tho

same question, and it is connected on editing base camera module and camera controller module. Still trying to figure out.

you can check if the player has shiftlock enabled by using PlayerModule.CameraModule and
modifiying the module (removing the cameraOffset change and returning the CameraModule variable)

then you can use that to :Lerp() humanoid.CameraOffset, changing the X axis and use the CameraModule.activeMouseLockController:GetIsMouseLocked() check to
smoothly transition into shiftlock!

(i’m sorry if i explained poorly as i have not been that active on the devforum)


But cameramodule uses CurrentCamera to change the player camera, and even if you use humanoid.CameraOffset and try to rotate your character, you get some weird shaking on your character while the normal shiftlock does not do that