How can i make a voxel terrain generator like minecraft?

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I want to make a infinite voxel generation like minecraft

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    i cant make it generate the terrain and also the chunks are glitchy and it doenst blend

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i looked in developer hub but i didnt find nothing

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here’s my code:

local block = game.ServerStorage.Block
local blockSize = block.Size
local worldSize = 16
chunks = {}
chunksurroudings = {,0,0),,0,0),,0,16),,0,-16),,0,16),,0,16),,0,-16),,0,0),,0,-16)}
workspace.Seed.Value = math.random()
chunkindex = 0
--these terms come from things like sine waves
function chunk(start)
local frequency = 1/16
local amplitude = 10
chunkindex = chunkindex + math.random()
local baseHeight = 1+ amplitude/2
	chunkmodel ='Model',workspace.Chunks)
	chunkmodel.Name = 'chunk:' .. start.X .. '/' .. start.Z
for x = 1, worldSize do
	for z = 1, worldSize do
		local height = baseHeight + math.noise(
			x * frequency, 
			workspace.Seed.Value + chunkindex,
			z * frequency
		) * amplitude
		for y = 1, math.floor(height) do
			local b = block:Clone()
			b.Position = + x, y, start.Z + z) * blockSize
			b.Parent = chunkmodel

while true do
	for i,v in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do
		local char = v.Character
		if char ~= nil then
			local humanoidrootpart = char:FindFirstChild('HumanoidRootPart')
			if humanoidrootpart ~= nil then
				for i,pos in pairs(chunksurroudings) do
					if workspace.Chunks:FindFirstChild('chunk:' .. pos.X .. '/' .. pos.Z) == nil then
						chunk(humanoidrootpart.Position + pos)

Do you want to achieve this using Terrain?

The last example is a great resource regarding procedural terrain generation.

i’ve alreadly tried this but i can’t make it despawn the chunks when u go far from them

Hope this will help, if not then letme know:

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i’ve alreadly watched this video, but the script in this video doesn’t generate infinite terrain with chunks

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nvm i fixed it converting somehow this triangle terrain generation into a block terrain generation!

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