How can i make a wave system?

So what im trying to achieve here is that i want to make a wave system where if u get to wave 5 u get the boss and after u defeat the boss u get a reward… i already made the boss and enemies but how do i make the wave system, how do i make a spawn like 2 enemies at wave 2 then 3 enemies at wave 3 and so on… but how do i achieve that?
dont really need a particular script, it will be better if i make it myself… but what functions will i need? ect…

Thanks i appreciate it reading all this way!!! :smiley:

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First u need to learn how to script… And then u will need a knowledge of while and for loops + probably humanoid. Died event and moving enemies by Torso.CFrame


uh… AH, that gives me good ideas!! i do already know those, (i do know CFrames but uh not much) i just didnt know how to handle this but this gives me a idea so thanks so much!

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