How can I make an animation play on top of another?

I currently have a run animation that moves both arms, but I have a flashlight hold animation that moves only the right hand. How can I make it so that then I play the flashlight anim and also run, the flashlight anim stays the same and doesn’t move around?

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i suggest reading about AnimationPriority, i believe this will help.

The run is Action1, and the hold is 4, but the hand still moves when I run.

can anyone help with this? 30cccc

I don’t think action priority is a good choice for run animation. Try setting it to core or walk instead.

Does the run animation have a keyframe for the character’s ‘LeftHand’/‘RightHand’ joint? If it doesn’t create one such that it overrides the ‘LeftHand’/‘RightHand’ keyframe of the other animation.

Oh wait it’s already “movement”.

How would I make it override the other animation though?

Change the animation priority up. If the animations are on the same priority level, you could change the Weight.

How would I do that? 30cccccharrer