How can I make an r6 game use r15 animations?

Better explanation if the title was confusing: I want to make a script that makes the player look like an r15 character but still have the hitboxes of an r6 character. What this means is that the player will still be able to do the weird things that only an r6 character can go (best examples are the weird things that players do in difficult obby games) while still LOOKING like an r15 character

The issue is that I don’t know where to start with this (which is why I’m making this topic in the first place)

I tried searching for a topic similar to this to see if someone has already done it, and I found this post R6 hitboxes on R15 characters - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox . The problem is that the script provided in this post only imports r6 hitboxes for sword fighting and not for other things like glitches that only work for r6 or r6 obbies

TL:DR for those who want to get straight to the point:

How can I make a script that makes the player character LOOK LIKE an r15 character, but their actual hitbox in terms of collision with parts and everything else PLAY LIKE an r6 character?

I want to be able to do r6 only glitches like wall hopping (search it up if you don’t know what that is) while having my character look like an r15 character

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I found this on Google: The difference between R6 and R15 is the amount of BaseParts. R6 characters have 6 parts while R15 character have 15 parts. And because of that, you can’t make R6 animations work on R15 characters or R15 animations work on R6 characters.

As @AustnBlox says, it’s simple, you just have to do the animations in type in R15 and obviously they look like they were from R6. The truth is, I don’t see anything complicated about this topic, but hey, everyone has their own way of thinking, good topic

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To my knowledge it would be quite complicated to do what you asked for.

Maybe weld an R6 Model to the player, and make the animations to the R15 Model when the R6 Model is moving?

Try to make the same animation but with straight arms and straight legs and try to implement that into R15, because the only difference is that the arms and legs have more parts as R15