How can I make inspect sound for FE Gun Kit Viewmodel?

Hi all! I’m making an FPS Shooter with the FE Gun Kit Viewmodel system. There is no audio support for Inspect on this system.
Like on this video:
(0:01 - 0:04) (The video uses a customized FEGK Viewmodel from Haitrieu1010)


I’m bad at scripting, I’ll be grateful if you help!

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If I am right, at line 1227 where it starts with “local function OnInspecting()” under “Variables.Inspecting = true” you can add a line like “script.Parent.Handle.Inspect:Play()”.Make sure you have put a sound into the handle and then it should be working.

At the GunScript_Local btw^^^ and you just need to follow the insructions I said before