How can I make it so a label's text is always in 1 line without it going down?

How can I prevent text from being pulled down in a text label?
“Hello There”
gets turned into

I want it to keep being scaled but I just don’t want it to be pulled down.

I want it to look like this:
Without this happening:

What can I do?

There should be a property called TextWrapped that you need to disable, and it will no longer automatically wrap around to new lines.

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The issue is that I want the text to scale, and it automatically turns on TextWrapped.

Has anybody been able to find an answer to this? I’ve needed help with this as well and nobody seems to have helped.

It should work if you turn off the RichText property

Sigh I was also looking for an answer for this question, and it sucks that I haven’t found an answer. Turning TextScaled on automatically turns on TextWrapping, while turning off TextWrapping turns off TextScaled.

The only way I know of at the moment is turning off text scaling and text wrapping and using a script to change the text’s size based on the resolution of a player’s screen.

local PlayerGui = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui
local ScreenGui = PlayerGui.ScreenGui -- replace with your desired gui
local TextLabel = ScreenGui.TextLabel

local Resolution = ScreenGui.AbsoluteSize -- Gives resolution like: (1280, 720)
TextLabel.TextSize = Resolution.X / 40 

-- Change the 40 to a higher number to make the text consistently smaller.
-- Make it smaller if the text needs to be bigger.

No matter what device the player is on, the text will remain a consistent size relative to the screen’s width. If you need to make the text label change size, then this might not work without a while loop or something.