How can I make it so that the newest label is always on top of the frame?

So, im trying to make a list of textlabes, and every second a new textlabel is added to the list. I’d like to have the newest textlabel on the top of the list, like this:

But roblox by default places the newest label to the bottom, like this:

So, how can I make it so that the newest label is always on the top?

Do you have a UIGridLayout inside the frame?

usually I copy paste
By press ,Windows Button + D
Because yeah there is no BringToFront Button like PowerPoint.

No, I don’t, but I have a UIListLayout.

everything will be explained below this text

while true do
wait(number of seconds)
local maxnumber = 999
for i = maxnumber,0,-1 do
i = i - 1
local teztlabel ="TextLabel", [Insert Frame here])
tEXTlabel.text = i

hope this helped you this took a long time

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Using UIListLayout you can first specify the type of layout order in your guiobject, and then select SortOrder in the list layout according to this order:


i tried that and it didnt worked

my reply will be much better because its basically the opositte

If you have issues making something work, you should start your own post.

Thanks, I read it and made my own script and it works, thanks!

was my reply good? or no because uhm nvm

Add a UIListLayOut to the background frame and edit it to your preferences.

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I am thankful for every reply, but I didn’t use It, since it was harder to implement than the solution by @RMofSBI

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