How Can i make items in your inventory carry across servers

I want to know a script that makes items in your inventory carry acrross servers


What do you mean by this? Like on leave and join? Just use a Datastore and save it on leave, load it on join


yeah so like if i leave the game i want my items to save


Did you click on @OfficialPogCat’s link to read the documentation?
If you save items to Datastores for each player then you can have them available in their inventories when they rejoin.

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Use a datastore (like said) to save the objects. This is a basic example, I would recommend modifying it:

local function encodeInventory(TableOfInventory)
    -- Adds every inventory item's name into a string
    local encoding = ""

    for _, inventoryItem in TableOfInventory do
        encoding = encoding..","..inventoryItem.Name

    return encoding

local function decodeInventory(encoding)
    -- Returns the name of every inventory item saved
    return string.split(encoding, ",")

Save the string returned from encodeInventory(inventory) to a DataStore. When the player loads back into the game, give every item listed from decodeInventory(encoding) into the player’s inventory:

for _, item in decodeInventory(encoding) do
    local item = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("your items folder"):FindFirstChild(item)
    item:Clone().Parent = player.Backpack

Make sure to hook up your items folder to whatever folder keeps all your inventory items.

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im pretty new to scripting anybody mind telling me how to make and where to put the data store