How can I make lightning more better for a room

Hi, so i recently made a Horor game,that the location at apartment room, i want the game kinda realistic, but still there horor thame in the apartment can you guys help me.

here some picture of the apartment


Oh yeah, and i still not adding anything yet for the lightning.
And i want to add PBR for the apartment but i am still too lazy to do that, so can you guys help me make the apartment more realistic but still there Horor Thame,Pls Help me thx:)

The secret to horror lighting is too little light, no ambient lighting, and lots of shadow. Some use flickering light. Some use moonlight from a window, or an old movie projector, and some just use a flashlight.

Experiment with point lights. Find something that makes sense with your story.


the horor thame that i want is not a night,buts its in a strom but thanks for the suggestion:)